Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blogger is driving me crazy

Yes, Blogger is cheap. In fact it is free, the very best kind of cheap. Otherwise, no-one would use it. It's a very clumsy tool. For instance, since I haven't been blogging, I forgot that, even though I put page breaks in, Blogger does not recognize them. They print all my stuff in one block of text--the print equivalent of a speech by the late lamented (but not by me) Fidel Castro.

By the way, for those who want to impeach Donald Trump: Getting rid of Trump doesn't mean that Hillary would be president. That's not how it works. Mike Pence would become President. I hope you all like him. He probably would not employ his son-in-law, and it's a sure thing that Melania is prettier than Mrs Pence.


CGHill said...

I figure anyone who thinks Hillary gets a do-over is too stupid to vote.

Dick Stanley said...

Trump won't be impeached. If that upsets you. so sorry.

miriam sawyer said...

I don't want Trump to be impeached. I think it was stupid of him to appoint Mueller.

I want to impeach the New York Times.