Friday, July 26, 2013

Sexual harassment victim dies

I read Virginia Johnson's obituary this morning in the local paper. The obit was by Jim Salter, Associated Press.
It turns out Ms Johnson, a single mother of two, went to work at the medical school of Washington University as a secretary. Now the bit which has since been scrubbed from the online version:
It was a strange indoctrination: Masters convinced her that having sex with him was part of the job.
Lucky for Dr Masters that he was not a hapless male college student, for instance, a Duke Lacrosse team member, in the 21st century, or he would have been--shall we say, screwed?
Had he been a Republican, say a Wall Street lawyer, we would consider this sexual harassment. Actually, it was sexual harassment, if the term means anything. Moreover, it is morally appalling.
But Masters is one of the gods of our time, and can do no wrong. If he did it, it wasn't sexual harassment. It was science.
The story goes on to laud Masters:
"He was a rigorous scientist most comfortable in a white coat," said Dr Robert Kolodny
I wonder if he took off the white coat at certain appropriate times?
I'm not sure whether their work was valid science, either. I consider it Al Gore Science--you know, the settled kind? Nobody is going to argue with it, at risk of being called a Christian or something equally appalling.

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