Friday, July 26, 2013

Too hot

Everyone who can manage it is away this weekend, and if I had sense I'd be away too. Mostly I've been hanging around taking care of administrative stuff, like writing the IRS asking them not to send me any more computer generated requests for my 2010 return, which they seem to keep losing no matter how often I submit it. The there's all the health stuff, from teeth to feet.
I'm not having too bad a time of it, actually. I've got some interesting books to read; only some of them are about the Civil War, which seems to be my new obsession. I was never that interested in the Civil War; it was Mr Charm's cup of tea. But he left so many books about it that I started to get interested in it.
So I've been puttering around the house, reading books about the Civil War (or not), watching old movies, eating the occasional sandwich or something. The only thing that bothers me a little is that I am starting to feel like a fictitious character. possibly one from the work of Barbara Pym. Well, I'd rather dwell in a Barbara Pym book than one by, say, Joyce Carol Oates.


Anonymous said...

That makes two of us ("hey, I'm not alone!")
Life battles are happening outside my tiny bubble; I'd rather be in them, but for a moment that's all I can do: to wish.
On a plus side, I'm going to provide a temporary oasis for my friends and family, on occasion of my round-number birthday/housewarming brunch party - Miriam, what do you think of the menu? - by the way, one of my guests has a longtime interest in Civil War. It's outside of his proper profession(s); he works in a backstage crew on TV, used to have his own flower shop. I just got in invite from him for his own annual party; the date is Aug 10: the headline says "The Battle of Wilson's Creek, 152 Anniversary" and has a print of romantic painting of the occasion.
How weird is that?

miriam said...

Your comments are always spot on!

Enjoy your party, don't work too hard on the menu, enjoy your friends.

The Civil War captures the imagination of many. Also, visiting the sites, particularly in PA and MD, is easy and rewarding.