Thursday, June 14, 2012

Delaware Symphony cancels 2012-2013 season

This is a real blow to me. I can't believe they would do this after selling tickets for the season. Why didn't they warn stakeholders before the well went dry? I am investigating going to Philly for my music fix. It's not that far for me; the real deal-breaker is parking, which is expensive and hard to come by. But if I go somewhere else, it won't be so easy to come back if the Delaware ever gets its act together.


Kitten said...

I'm guesing those who've already purchased tickets won't be getting their money back. Also, how badly do you have to mis-manage a government funded entity for it to go belly-up?

miriam said...


I think it is up to you to get your money back.

To be fair, the Delaware Symphony is a private charity. If it belonged to the government they would just tax us more.

Kitten said...

Oops, for some reason I was thinking you were refering to the municiple (?) orchestra you'd mentioned earlier.

That does explain their having to close up shop though.

John Salmon said...

You could take the train from Wilmington or Newark to Philly, if it fits your schedule.

miriam said...

I am exploring getting season's tickets for the Philadelphia Orchestra. The cheap seats are not bad.