Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jack Reacher's creator lives in a Spartan apartment

Lee Child emulates his hero.

Mr. Child lives in a two-room apartment in the Flatiron district that's architecturally stark, wrapped in white and bereft of rugs, curtains, side tables or accessories.

But he cheats:

Then there's Mr. Child's other apartment on a lower floor, where he keeps many of his possessions. Smaller in size but similar in layout, this writing office has lots of visible books, New Yorker cartoons, Reacher paraphernalia and a "technology museum" consisting of all his old cellphones and his first laptop.

In addition:

He ... has the resources to prevent the sensibilities of his wife of 35 years from getting in the way of his pursuit of what he calls this "aesthetic challenge." She currently spends most of her time at their homes in the south of France and Rye, N.Y.

My readers know that I am obsessed with Mr Child's hero, Jack Reacher, and how he maintains his spartan style without carrying with him a change of underwear.  He does bring a toothbrush with him.  But what of toothpaste, which he never mentions?


Anonymous said...

Ah, never heard of him. Apparently, enough people did to afford him the lifestyle.

Funny, about the toothbrush: I usually travel light; where others bring 3 full-size suitcases, I have 1 carry-on, and then end up not using one or two garments anyway. So when I unpacked in Dallas' hotel room last Wed, I realized this time I went too far - there was no toothbrush nor paste in the necesser. Luckily, the Housekeeping had it took just one in-house call.

miriam said...

I guess I have way too much time on my hands. Must get a hobby. Oh, right, I have one--blogging.

Anonymous said...

And you also paint! Actually, I just linked your blog as example of a persevering (is that a word?) amateur painter- in my comment to a blogpost by a professional artist who also gives private painting lessons (she praised her students of all ages, and their persistence and noted that contrary to popular opinion, most of the artists are normal people - not drunkards, mentally disturbed or people with messy sex life - just normal people who enjoy the smell of oil paints, turpentine and the feel of the well-stretched canvas...and who are fond of painting)
She approved (of your work) and wished you luck.

Don't stop neither blogging nor painting, Miriam!