Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jack Reacher redux

Rachel has written a sarcastic comment regarding my invention of an attache case for this fictitious hero:

Jack Reacher don't need no stinkin' attache case.

I think Reacher rinses his undies out every night before he goes to bed. Or he goes commando.

Well, missy, I'm not going to take that lying down.

Imagine Jack Reacher, coming home to his bleak hotel room tired out from saving the world, and satisfying the lust of some gorgeous chick. He sneaks out of his lover's embrace, then goes to the sink and rinses out his undies, which are made of quick-drying flimsy material and have lace trim. I suppose his socks have ruffles? Is this the tough superhero we know and love?

Sorry, the attache case is the only decent way out. At the very least, he needs a backpack.

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