Monday, January 18, 2010

What if you bought a new car...

and a truck drove up to your house, leaving in your driveway...

a large box, which you had to get a neighbor to help you get into the garage, where with difficulty you could open it, to find:

Lots of cardboard, plus foam, and 1 steering wheel, two axles, four wheels, four tires, a transmission, a motor, a collection of body parts, and a box of nuts, bolts, hinges, screws, etc.

and a manual, in several languages, all of them badly translated from Japanese, and printed in very small type, with teeny-tiny illustrations, PLUS:

very poor directions for putting the thing together by yourself.

Imagine, further, that you had problems assembling the thing, and called or e-mailed the Whatsit Motors website, only to be informed that, for really helpful help, you had to pay.

Imagine, therefore, that you decided to pay someone to come to your house to assemble it, and it cost about one third of the purchase price of the car.

Would you feel frustrated?

Welcome to my cell phone world.


Chad said...

I finally wised up and straightened out my cell phone plan.
I got a new tmobile simple flip phone that does prepaid minutes. Very simple, it just works.

Now, what pleased me beyond belief today was this: I turned on bluetooth and connected it to my computer wirelessly. Installed the Nokia desktop application which is also incredibly simple and easy. It found the phone, and let me use my keyboard to program in all my contacts and phone numbers and such. I was done in 10 minutes, and never had it this easy.

I'm saving over 750 bucks a year, and ended up with a phone that's a joy to use. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble!

miriam said...

Chad: You inspired me to try again, after I take a nap and an anti-depressant.