Sunday, January 17, 2010

New cell phone

Let me back up a bit. My GPS got lost or stolen, and it costs $200 to replace, so I got a new cell phone with built-in GPS free. It also has internet, texting, and a camera that's not too bad.

I figured out the camera, not that I need another camera. I think I transferred my address book. But I haven't figured out how to set up the GPS or how to connect to the Bluetooth device I bought for the car. Or how to mount the phone in the car. So I have to read the manual(s).

I can't tell you how much I hate these manuals. The first page tells you what all the parts are--that I understand. After that promising beginning, confusion reigns. It's my fault--my mind does not work in a 21st century way, I'm stuck back in the 20th century. Maybe the 19th. Anyway, I approach these with trepidation, frustration and an overwhelming desire to lie down and have a long cool drink of something while placing an ice pack on my forehead.


Anonymous said...

As one of my online friends said (in a post describing installation of home theater), "Consumer electronics reached incredible heights - and from there it spit on consumers, with pleasure".

miriam said...

Very well said.

Imagine if they sold a car this way: here are four wheels, two axles, a motor, transmission, etc. and then instructed you--in very bad Japanese: grasp the axle (axle 1) firmly in one hand (see accompanying illustration)and attach part A to Part B...and so forth.

Rioting would ensue!