Sunday, October 04, 2009

Why the silence about child abuse?

Where are the advocates for young girls?

It’s weird that child advocacy groups (secular and religious) haven’t raised more hell regarding ACORN who, on tape, in multiple locations, and on our dime, were perfectly peachy with the potential sex trafficking of little 13-year-old El Salvadoran girls. That’s what’s weird.

This, together with the Roman Polanski defense, leads me to think that perhaps child prostitution is considered not so very bad by liberals. Not for our own daughters, of course. But woman's advocates have been agitating for recognition of prostitution as a valid professional choice, like being a nurse. We call them "sex workers" nowadays. We view movies like "Pretty Woman," and don't feel nauseated.

Underage sex is also accepted. Everyone "does it," don't they? It can't be stopped. Make sure the youngsters use condoms, of course, but otherwise, let 'em rip. If there is a chance of "being punished with a baby," there's always choice, aka abortion. The implication is that sex is as beneficial as aerobic exercise: in fact, it is aerobic exercise. Repression is harmful to people, isn't it?

So perhaps there is a perception that what Polanski did is not so bad. The kid probably wanted it, at some level. Anyway, she had to learn about sex some time, didn't she? Why not at the hands of a world-famous director, a "great artist"? It was probably a life-enhancing experience for the youngster, having sex with such a distinguished chap.

Rape is not so bad, unless it involves a college boy trying to talk a coed into having sex with him when she's had a few drinks. Even if she says yes, she's been exploited.

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airforcewife said...

And yet they see no hypocrisy. It makes me physically nauseous.