Saturday, October 03, 2009

A delicate instrument

I laughed when my daughter told me that you couldn't put a leaf of lettuce down the disposal. But when the plumber came to fix the thing, he showed me how the thing had met its match dealing with a piece of lemon. The plumber told me more stuff you can't put in the disposal, among them rice.

The plumber told me that the disposal is a delicate, exquisitely calibrated mechanism and gave me a list of things you can't put in it. Everything I mentioned was forbidden. I was starting to think that the only food congenial to the disposal was homemade chicken soup, maybe. If you strain it.

In related news, the ants are still having fun with their ant trap. They have invited their sisters and their cousins and their aunts to visit my house, along with their brothers and uncles. Quite a lively crowd.

Can you put ants in the disposal?

Also, the car has caught whatever virus is affecting the house, and now refuses to regulate the temperature in the car. I believe it will have to be dis-assembled piece by piece to fix the broken item, which costs 69 cents. Labor costs are estimated at an undisclosed figure.

Meanwhile, my camera and GPS have gone missing. I think they were stolen out of the car.

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