Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Technology troubles

My old printer would not scan any more, although it would print or copy, and that works by scanning, does it not? Since I like scanning old photographs into my computer, I wanted to fix it. But several live chats with the manufacturer, HP, did not result in its restoration to health. It would print. It would copy. No scanning.

So I bought a new one. I was mad at HP, so I bought a Canon. I'm cheap, so I bought an older model, which was not wireless. But our wireless network does not work anyway. (Remind me to tell you all about it. No, forget it.)

The new printer/scanner/copier does not recognize the software on the CD which came with it. I can't even get hold of Canon to complain.

In further technology news, my Dell computer--one year old--stops producing sound every once in a while. It's not the speakers, they work. So I searched Google until I found a fix, which was to restore the computer to an earlier date. This worked. Every now and then, the sound goes away, and I restore it, and the sound comes back. What kind of mishugas is that?

I'm so glad they don't make cars this way. The only thing I understand about my car is that it takes gasoline. Yet it was fully operational when I drove it off the lot.

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