Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Medical visit

Mr Charm had to go to a new doctor today. We waited six months to get an appointment with him. He's an eminent physician, with both a PhD and an MD framed on his wall, and the ultimate fashion accessory: a medical student (or intern?)at his heels like a puppy, nodding her head respectfully when the Great Man spoke.

He was actually quite impressive and thorough. I won't get into what he said, or what the problem was, that's someone else's personal business. We wanted another opinion, and we were satisfied that we had gotten one, and that our concerns were taken seriously.


Anonymous said...

That's a rarity.
Last time I visited a doctor I was told I'm in his office to keep quiet and be educated, and do not have my own ideas about my own health.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and he has 3 walls of his office filled with diplomas and commendations.