Friday, May 29, 2009

A log cabin moment

A more cringeworthy expression than "wise Latina" would be hard to find.

Unless it were "richness of experience."

I didn't find Senora Sotomayor's life story inspiring. I call that a "log cabin" story, as in Abe Lincoln's famous reminiscences of his humble beginnings. I'm sick and tired of hearing about these Harvard grads' virtual log cabins, up to and including our present president--he of the single mom on food stamps, raised by gramps and granny, etc., ad nauseam.

How come no-one found Clarence Thomas' life story moving and inspiring? How about Thomas Sowell, who also had a single mom? Don't conservatives have a right to humble beginnings?

Anyway, I wish they would all stow it for the time being. I am beginning to appreciate the value of a stiff upper lip. Stop trying to warm my heart, I haven't got one.


Two Dogs said...

I was born with a club foot.


Anonymous said...

Careful, Miriam, they might pronounce you unemphatic enemy of the people. Think of the consequences!
I had my limit of tolerating altruists humble public servants exceeded long time ago. Seen my recent encounter?

airforcewife said...

I get quite sick of hearing people talk about the plight of teen mothers. I was one - in high school - and I managed to get a college degree and move on.

It's not that I have no sympathy, it's that the sympathy I had has been fairly well wrung out by now with the continuous sob stories.

I don't understand why so many people think that life should imitate the Lifetime Movie Network.