Thursday, October 23, 2008

What goes around comes around

I'm not happy about our country's financial meltdown, but it does have some positives. For instance, when you try to deal with some company on the phone, they are downright civil!--almost matey, in fact.

My car was recalled and I dreaded calling the dealer. People who work at automobile dealers are generally either rude or dismissive. Not this bunch! I told them I was sent a recall notice, and they directed me--in person, not voicemail--to someone to make an appointment with. They gave me the name of the person who would be taking care of my car. I couldn't have been more pleased if they had sent me a dozen roses.

I also ordered a computer for my husband from Dell, this time using live chat. Gabe was friendly and knowledgeable. I explained that we did not need a monitor. Gabe set me up with one of their promotions, and said someone would call me. (Apparently you can't order anything over live chat.)

A few minutes later Craig called and was downright friendly. Entire time spent ordering a computer: 15 minutes. Nor did either Gabe or Craig try to sell me a long-term maintenance contract or upgrade me from what I wanted to something more expensive. They also did not mention their own payment plan, under which you pay them a certain sum of money, an amount which increases arbitrarily from time to time, for the rest of your life plus 10 years.

Now if someone would just do something to Verizon....

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