Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Best Buy

As all three of my readers know, I have been having computer problems. I've brought two computers back to Best Buy, and the boys and girls who work there are starting to be familiar with my face; so much so, that when I walk into the door, those working in the Computer Department all tend to want to take their break at the same time.

Well, I bought this printer, which for some reason I did not get around to installing earlier. This time I followed the printed instructions, one through four--to wit: 1. Remove printer from carton; 2. Check to see that all the parts are there; 3. Connect the power supply (this was a tough one, it came in two pieces, but I managed to do it); 4. Remove all the packing material from the printer.

Then came number 5: Turn on printer, by pressing on button. That one didn't work.

So, I have to go back to Best Buy, where I am known to one and all as The Crazy Lady. I know this because if this were the library where I worked this is the name I would inevitably have earned.

So I have to dye my hair black, put on shoes with lifts, and paste a false mustache on my face, maybe even get cheek inserts like Marlon Brando wore in the Godfather before I dare go in there again.

Maybe I'll just donate it to the Synagogue Garage Sale, which is taking place shortly. I'm such a coward.


dick stanley said...

My condolences, but have courage. It will all come clear in the end. Well, more or less. ;-)

Francis W. Porretto said...

It's unwise to buy anything priced over $100 at BestBuy. Their more expensive merchandise features a lot of seconds, remanufactured, and gray-market goods.

I tried to buy three computers from BestBuy. All three had to be returned: one because it wouldn't even start, two because they overheated and failed within minutes of powering up. A DVD recorder I bought there died completely within 45 days. No, they wouldn't refund my money: after 30 days, it's the manufacturer's problem.

Avoid BestBuy for expensive items.

miriam said...

Fran: What you tell me makes my hair stand on end. Don't they have to disclose this when they put something up for sale? I have had lots of troubles with them myself. But surely a giant company like Dell wouldn't be a party to this?

dick stanley said...

I'm surprised to learn that Dell sells through Best Buy. I thought you couldn't buy their stuff through anyone but them.

miriam said...

You can buy Dell's stuff through bB, all right. But Dell won't stand behind it. I am disgusted by the company. Not that they care. Being a humongous company means not caring what the small-time consumer thinks.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Miriam. I have read a few consecutive posts re you computer situation. I don't want to be a harbinger of doom, but you are doomed. Your only choice is to locate a local nerd - no older than 14, I am sure your friends and relatives must have spawned one unwittingly.

Do whatever it takes to seduce him. It may take spare parts for his computer(s), new iPod, ton of ice cream or teeth-rotting candy. But this is the only way. Then you will be set for life.

And forget the seller and the vendor.

dick stanley said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Dell. I have never bought anything else, except a Kaypro years ago (circa 1981) and have never had a problem, except with their techs in the Phillipines and India whose English I cannot understand. But Mr. Goon is correct. You need a kid you would otherwise cross the street to avoid. Even my jailbird brother-in-law is a computer fix-it man, when he's not in jail. Or, perhaps even in jail. I wouldn't know.