Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby-killer exchanged for two corpses

What a terrific deal!

I am so mad I could spit. The Lebanese are dancing in the streets! They know what is going on: they won, Israel lost.


Anonymous said...

Even the NYTimes came out this morning with "A victory for Hezbollah" headline (seen on a bus to work @next seat reader).
I wanted to scream: Morons, that's what you advocated for! Happy now?

As somebody noted, this stupidity is a signal for all future kidnappings (and there'll be many) - you don't have to keep the Jew alive, you'll get his corpse's price in gold no matter what.


dick stanley said...

On the other hand, if Israel (and for that matter any state with an army) doesn't move heaven and earth to get its people home, even if they are likely deceased (and in this case they weren't sure until the coffins came into view) it won't be long before they don't have an army of anything but unwilling conscripts. I don't like Olmert (who does?) but I think he had to do this. I just hope they have a plan to take down the baby killer soonest. Maybe what Israel really needs is a death penalty, in which case this creature would be dead by now.

miriam said...

What really makes me mad is the hero's welcome given to the baby killer. What kind of people honor a man like that?

dick stanley said...

The terrible thing about the NYT headline is that it's all Hez's victory. There's no balance. It really shows whose side they're on.