Sunday, June 15, 2008

Using my new iMac

Last night after I went to bed I couldn't stop thinking about my new iMac and how annoying and frustrating it is. It is refusing to let me install my printer and will not let me download photos from my camera.

The absolutely worst thing is the mouse. It's clumsy, and if you can right click on anything I haven't figured out how. But basically, it's just cumbersome. Using it is like trying to draw a picture with mittens on.


jzdro said...

I didn't like the IMac mouse either. My son presented me with a Logitech wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and I became instantly and ridiculously happy with them. Maybe you should check it out, so to speak.


miriam said...

J: Does it work with the Mac?

dick stanley said...

That mouse is just plain, uh, dumb. Talk about the need to be different.