Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I hope my grandson doesn't tell on me

James Taranto doesn't think grandmas ought to be brought into this:

Our first thought was that it was pretty low of Obama to exploit his (still living) grandmother in this way. Is it really necessary for the whole world to know about her private expressions of prejudice? Doesn't simple decency dictate that a public figure treat embarrassing facts about loved ones with discretion?

Ben, if you're reading this--don't you dare tell anyone about the time I ran a red light! Or the occasion when I stole a grape--several if the truth be told--at the fruit store. I'm counting on you not to rat me out. Your birthday is coming up, you know.

I guess no-one cares about the grandma-American demographic. We little old ladies are the ultimate victims--no-one even helps us to cross the street any more. However, I still have pictures of you at 6 months naked on a baby blanket, and I will show it to your girlfriends if you cross me.

Well, that is off my mind. We now come to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I believe the good Rev made a very poor career choice. Christianity does not suit a man of his temperament. He would have made a good mullah, however! I can just see him with the schmatta around his head at Friday prayers, exhorting the faithful to put on suicide belts and go out and kill him some Jews.

As for Barack: Shame on you!


dick stanley said...

Well, I'm sure if he'd be far more discreet about his black grandmother who lives in Kenya. After twenty years of the paranoid pastor, Barry knows where his loyalty lies.

Tat said...

First, I have to say - you better consider some preemptive moves. Just like our (NY) new governor. Come out, come out, before he gets there first! Show us the skeletons in your wardrobe.

Next: thank you. Shmata is exactly the right word. For some reason, the "rag" doesn't convey the feel of the word as much. Even in Russian "shmata" is better than "tryapka".

Akaky said...

Miriam, you ran a red light?! I'm gonna tell!!!!

miriam said...

The statute of limitations has run out on that!