Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Your tax dollars at work

This happened in Albany, NY, a city in which I have done some time.

Three drug cops go out in a remote area of Albany county to harvest marijuana. Two out of three have guns. None have handcuffs.

No one is suppose to be there but they find a guy in a shack on the property. Since they don’t have handcuffs, they tie him up with his bootlaces.

He breaks free and starts to run, they tackle him, his dog starts biting one of the cops. The cop that doesn’t have a gun takes one of the other cops guns and shoots the dog twice.

The bullets pass through the dog striking the cop that is being bitten.

They call for assistance but because it is remote and no one can find where they are it takes almost an hour for help to arrive.

I bet those cops were Democrats, because they are the only ones who can get jobs with the county or city of Albany.

When we bought a house in Albany, our property taxes tripled. The only way we could get them reduced was by calling our Dem committeeman. He was hard to reach, as he was always attending a funeral, wedding or wake. He finally got them reduced, however. This particular politician came to a bad end, as he embezzled money from some widows' and orphans' trust funds.

Our local ward heeler used to come calling before elections to tell us who to vote for.

The corruption was so bad we were all perversely proud of it. For instance, the dead could vote. Isn't that amazing? You don't often find dead people who are so civic minded.


Duffy said...

This happened in Albany, NY, a city in which I have done some time.

What were you in for?

miriam said...

My husband had a job with the state of New York.

Duffy said...

Sarcastrophy. I was attempting to be funny, but never mind.