Thursday, September 20, 2007

Murtha's problem

Geosciblog asks: "Where did John Murtha go wrong?"

Why is he so hellbent on retreat in the face of people that want to kill as many Americans as possible? While in essence agreeing that there will be a bloodbath if we rapidly retreat from Iraq (as he wants), he is playing the artful dodger in denying Congress' responsibility for that bloodbath, according to this Moonbattery post and CNS News. Yeah, it's going to happen, but it won't be our fault. Power vacuums don't happen randomly. Putting on the old Teflon gloves to keep the blood off your hands. And if we haven't served in the military, in his mind, we are not allowed to criticize him or support President Bush's efforts.

That's OK Jack. Those common Iraqis that have been helping us are just "little brown people". It didn't matter to you that there were mass graves filled by Saddam Hussein before 2003 and apparently it won't bother you that there will be mass graves filled by Iran and/or Al Qaida after we retreat.

I can't read Murtha's mind, but I have a few thought on the matter: could it be that Murtha is seeking to divert attention from his corruption and dishonesty by taking the high moral ground and seeking peace--aka surrender.

By espousing liberal causes, you can cleanse yourself of sin. (Don't try this at home. It only works for Democrats.) You take "unpopular" stands, which proves you are a paragon of "virtue" and possess "moral courage." In truth, these high-minded ideas cost the believer nothing but store up virtue in moonbat heaven.

Take Ted Kennedy: He left Rosemary Kopechne to die a horrible death in order to save himself. A payoff here, a bribe there, and he's almost home free. All that remains is to salvage his reputation. He does this by advocating for liberal causes. They would be costly and likely ineffective, but it's not his money, and it proves how compassionate he is. I actually had this conversation:

Me: Ted Kennedy is a sleaze--look what he did to that poor girl.
Liberal friend: Yes, that was wrong, but he's done so much good on social issues.

P.S> This will not work for Larry Craig.

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