Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's a nice Jewish girl

doing in a place like this?

Everyone is greeting Madonna's love for Israel with derision. I disagree. I'll take the love wherever I find it.

“Tell me what I should do, Mr Peres, because I am in love with Israel,” pop star Madonna, who is visiting the Jewish state to attend a conference on Kabbalah, told President Shimon Peres on Saturday evening.

The pop star was seen entering Peres’ Jerusalem residence after the end of the Jewish New Year at sunset Saturday.

A survey of Hollywood lefties won't find any of them harboring good will toward Israel, I'll wager. Stars like Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, George Clooney, Janeane Garofolo--I bet they consider Israel an oppressor. Bad cess to all of them.

I will never attend or even rent one of their films. Too bad, because I liked Bull Durham and Oh Brother Where Art Thou. But the presence of these stars spoil them for me.


dick stanley said...

She used to be a trend setter. Maybe she'll be one on this subject. I agree with the political-actors. I generally don't bother to see their latest whatever.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Tell me what I should do, Mr ..."

When I was younger, a question of that kind from a lady would be at the top of my wishlist ;-)

But why does that old senile coot get all the chicks?

Tatyana said...

Have you noticed her hand? What a grabby claw she has!

Anonymous said...

She deserves credit for being candid and not worrying what the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G) thinks. But, like Tatyana, I too am struck by the body language. Peres' hand is relaxed...hers is tense and sharp looking. Oh well. Maybe her heart's in the right place.

miriam said...

It's the curls that get me. Did she steal them from Shirley Temple?