Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Columbia University--bought and paid for

by Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis got their money's worth, and more.

Columbia University failed to report a list of foreign donors to the New York State Department of Education — including a $250,000 donation from an unidentified Saudi Arabian — more than five months after it was required to do so by law.

Under a state education law, universities must file to the state Education Department all gifts from foreign governments, persons, and legal entities no later than 30 days after the final day of the fiscal year of the institution.Columbia filed to the department on January 16, missing the deadline by 170 days. []

"Universities have a fundamental obligation to reveal foreign funding, especially of foreign area studies,"the editor of the Middle East Quarterly and author of "Ivory Towers on Sand," Martin Kramer, said.

On his Web site, martinkramer.org, Mr. Kramer has accused Columbia of concealing funding of the Edward Said chair of Arab studies, which is occupied by Rashid Khalidi, director of Columbia's Middle East Institute and a harsh critic of Israel. Columbia has refused to disclose a list of donors to the chair.

"We all believe we are entitled to know whether a tobacco company has funded a particular academic research project on the health effects of smoking.For exactly the same reason, we are entitled to know whether Chinese or Saudi sources have funded American academic research on China or Saudi Arabia," he said.


Anonymous said...

Do you suppose it's that simple? All the anti-Semitism at universities is well rewarded by Saudi and Iranian oil money? Knowing anything about the way universities operate makes that a very plausible hypothesis. Following the money that pours into cess-pits of bigotry like Columbia is the single best way to understand where the mindless hatred is coming from.

Academic freedom. What a joke. Airtime goes to the highest bidder, everyone else can go apply for a "permit".

miriam said...

I would say it is only Saudi money. The Iranians get if for free.