Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How I write

Some people write and re-write their posts, I know. They search for the mot juste and are not content until they find it. I don't do that, and it shows.

When I was writing for publication, I agonized over every word. Not now. I just want to get something out there, so people will keep visiting my blog in hopes of finding something new.

My fellow bloggers, what is your MO? Do you revise and polish your prose, or just let it rip?

I try to make sure the spelling is okay. I am a librarian, after all.


Paul Smith Jr. said...

I let 'er rip and hopefully remember to run a spell-check. Hopefully.

That Broad said...

I just let it rip, although I don't necessarily recommend this if you are actually seeking out a large number of readers, as they say, your mileage may vary. :)

CGHill said...

Usually I review it once for horrible grammar, but that's about it.

KurtP said...

Whatever leaves my two fingers and a thumb pretty much goes up.

dick stanley said...

I do it up and post it. Then I see a mistake and go back and fix it. And post again. Then I change my mind about some part of it, and go back and rewrite it. And post it again. There must be scores of versions out there in the ether.