Monday, June 11, 2007

No more special counsel

My blood is boiling about the Scooter Libby show trial. Fitzgerald was way out of line, but that's what special counsels do. They have unlimited time and money and can carry on their investigations as long as they like. Forever, in fact.

Which leads me to my great insight of the day: why a special counsel? Not enough people work for the justice department, in order to actually do anything they have to bring in an outsider?

Mr Charm, in his career as an educator, had cause to deal with government agencies, and he told me that no-one in government actually does anything, in education at least. If something has to be done, actually done, they have to hire an outside contractor.

What do the people who "work" for the "government" actually do? Do they have really good games on their computers so they can while away the day without dying of boredom? Do they e-mail their friends? Do they shop online at Do they knit sweaters for their nearest and dearest?

Just asking.


Steve B said...

Uh...we read blogs.

miriam said...

Oh--sorry I asked.