Tuesday, May 08, 2007

WRTI has a fund drive

I listen to WRTI all the time. They are a classical and jazz radio station sponsored by Temple University. When they had what I thought was their annual fund drive last fall, I stepped up to the plate and gave an annual donation of $120. Now they are having another fund drive. Do annual fund drives take place twice a year? I'm not giving them any more money until my year is up.

I'm fed up with these charities. They follow you around like little puppies who whine until they are given something.

Try this. Donate some money to, let's say, the Americans Against Disease Society. Practically by return mail you will get another appeal. Send another check. You now have a friend for life. You need never be lonely again. The folks at Americans Against Disease Inc will write you, call you, and e-mail you. You will never see the end of them.

These annual fund drives should come annually, dammit! Send me a letter once a year, and I will give you your annual stipend. No more until next year! And if you annoy me, you won't get anything next year either.

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CGHill said...

Twice a year seems to be the norm these days: all three public stations that serve my neck of the woods have both spring and fall fundraisers. (I have memberships in two; I renew in the fall and listen to CDs in the spring.)