Monday, May 07, 2007

Want the government to handle health care?

This horror story might change your mind.


airforcewife said...

There is a reason that I gave birth to my youngest three children at home with a midwife. And, no, tricare (also known as "try and get care") would not pay for that. We paid out of pocket to avoid the military hospitals.

The most eye rolling episode we encountered was when I was pregnant with daughter #3. Hubby and I are both Rh negative, and so I do not take the rhogam shot. Although I deliver at home, I do get my testing done at the military facility.

As soon as the doctor found out my husband had been in Korea during my initial pregnancy, the doctor demanded I take the rhogam shot. I refused, and told him I would sign legal waivers if he felt so strongly about it. He tried to order my husband to order me to take the shot. This did not go over well with my husband, especially when he figured out that the doctor was hinting our #3 might not be his because hubby went to Korea a few months AFTER I got pregnant!

Hubby got quite heated, and the doctor tried to break in with, "Look LEEEW-TENANT," (they always draw it out when they want to make a point). "Your behavior is entirely out of bounds!"

I won, though. Not only did I refuse the shot, but I made so much of a fuss about necessary ultrasound testing to rule out birth defects my niece had been born with that they covered my 3D ultrasound.

Military health care... It sucks.

miriam said...

Your story just confirms my distrust of government health care.