Monday, March 19, 2007

Winter wonderland

Spring is here in Delaware, crocuses are up, daffodils are showing signs of life, birds singing, etc. Except for my driveway, which is a frozen hell, a little patch of Winter in the midst of all this vernal splendor.

The problem is that the ice from the last storm melted in the driveway, then congealed into a sheet of solid ice more suitable for skating than walking. We did nothing about the ice because it's practically spring, dammit, and we were waiting for solar power to restore the driveway.

This morning I walked out the door and immediately slid under my car. I grabbed the door handle and managed to lever myself into the driver's seat and took off. The driveway is in the front, or west side of the house, and the sun had not yet hit it. I was hoping that by the time I got back, the ice would have melted. Fat chance.

Speaking of the west side of the house, every time I open the front door I am practically blown back into the house by the wind. The prevailing winds in the United States are westerly. Anyone who has flown from the east to the west coast knows that. But why are they so fierce in Delaware?

I keep thinking the winds are going to blow the house away, as in the wizard of Oz. What is this, Kansas?

And horror of horrors, my birthday is tomorrow and Mr Charm is supposed to take me to a fancy, expensive restaurant. If we are still marooned inside the house, I am going to find out who's responsible.

I demand that Spring start immediately.

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