Monday, March 19, 2007

Who deals with pain better?

Men or women?

[C]ompared to women, it's my experience that while men deal worse with illness, they deal better with *injuries*. Chicks will fight off their colds, the flu, and their hemorrhaging periods without great complaint, but heaven forbid they stub a toe. Guys, on the other hand, will walk around for a couple of years with a blown-out knee and a broken arm, thinking that Tylenol will cure them.

Your thoughts?


airforcewife said...

If my husband gets the sniffles, he can't remember his own name. I tend to work through it. Or at least until I collapse in a puddle in the middle of the commissary.

I also delivered an 11 pound baby naturally with no medications. Does that count as an injury?

Hubby deals with lack of comfort and general sucky situations FAR better than I, though.

miriam said...

11 pounds! That makes you a heroine in my book!

That Broad said...

I'm a whiner when I'm sick, but that is mostly because even if I am sick I have to keep on moving. My husband is a trooper when he is sick, he barely complains and suffers silently.

dick stanley said...

Old proven fact: women are more likely to see doctors than men are. Men are raised to be adaptable, not to complain about things.