Saturday, March 24, 2007

What you can do to prevent climate change

Some great suggestions:

--Plug in your clocks only when you absolutely have to know what time it is. If you need the alarm, get up five minutes early to set it.

---Down more Slurpees, or better yet, nice frosty margaritas. See, this isn't so bad.

---Lower the thermostat in your Gulfstream jet, and make the help wear sweaters.


Then sit down quietly. Moving, talking and breathing should be kept to the absolute minimum. Human life is eco-unfriendly, and should be lived as little as possible. It's the moral thing to do.


dick stanley said...

Suicide, that's the ticket.

miriam said...

Just don't set yourself on fire and cause pollution.

CGHill said...

When a carbon-based life form is no longer alive, it disintegrates, giving off carbon dioxide. Obviously this isn't the answer either.

miriam said...

Maybe we could put our remains in orbit.