Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is Target Republican or Democrat?

Some businesses, things and people just seem to naturally belong to one political party or the other. For instance: Target, Democratic; WalMart, Republican. Sears, Democratic, Macy's Republican; Margarine, Democratic, butter, Republican. High-priced prescriptions, Republican, generic, Democratic. The miniskirt, Democratic, the little black dress with pearls Republican; tattoos, Democratic, Botox, Republican; hot dogs, Democratic, knackwurst Republican; Kraft cheddar cheese, Democratic, havarti cheese, Republican.

Whole wheat bread that tastes like wood pulp, Democratic; Wonder Bread, Republican; mayonnaise, Republican, mustard, Democratic. Heavy perfume, Democratic, light scent, Republican.

I could go on like this all day, but I thought I'd give my readers a chance to weigh in. What's Republican or Democratic to you?

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