Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Choosing the wrong career path

Burglars could be surgeons:

If burglars put their skills to lawful use they could be as talented as surgeons or pilots, says a study published yesterday.

Claire Nee and Amy Meenaghan, psychologists at the University of Portsmouth, have concluded that housebreakers use speed and efficiency that was potentially an "untapped resource for employers".

Their findings follow interviews with 50 serial burglars at Winchester Prison. They believe that had the felons focused on a lawful job they could have climbed to the top of the career ladder.

Ah, the wrong choices we make when young. If only I had chosen the right career path, I would have Robert Osbourne's job by now. Or, considering that I know the words to every popular song written between 1930 and 1990, I might have turned that into a lucrative career. I knew librarianship wasn't quite right for me. Sigh.

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