Sunday, August 27, 2006

I've been memed

by Snoopy:

Book that changed my life: (face turns red) It was Mary Poppins, when I was about 7. A chapter book. I was able to read it from start to finish, proving to me that I could read real books (not picture books), and started a long career of pleasure.

Books I've read more than once: There are so many. Let's start with Pride and Prejudice. Morte D'Urban by F. X. Powers, which I've read so many times I can't read it any more.

Books I'd like to read on a desert island: Middlemarch. I read it once, and loved it. But have been unable to re-read it yet. It's a long book, so if I haven't been rescued by the time I've finished it, call off the search.

Book that made me laugh: The first Jeeves book had me rolling on the floor, howling. Subsequent applications of P G Wodehouse had a similar effect. He's great for chasing the blues.

Book that made me cry: Jude the Obscure. I cried more from annoyance than anything else. I must admit that Jude was an unlucky cuss. His author, Thomas Hardy, obviously had it in for him.

Book I wish I'd written: Pictures from an Institution, by Randall Jarrell, a wicked send-up of a "progressive" girls' college, written over 50 years ago.

Book you wish had never been written: the da Vinci Code. Its presence on the bestseller list makes me wonder whether democracy is such a hot idea.

Book I'm currently reading: Paradise News, by David Lodge. Excellent. I'm racing through it.

Book I'm meaning to read. In Search of Lost Time, by Proust. I can't seem to finish it. Maybe I'll pack it with Middlemarch for my desert island sojourn.

Tag 5 other unlucky souls:
Rachel; Air Force Wife; Akaky; Matt; and Greta.

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