Sunday, August 27, 2006

Al Gore's global warming messes up my vacation

What a weird summer! First rain, torrential rain, then heat that practically set the lawn ablaze, than when I go on vacation, freezing!

I froze my butt off in Canada, came home and did my laundry, then went to the Berkshires to enjoy some of their rainy, cold weather. We wore all our clothes--at the same time--and even stopped off at a local Marshall's to buy a couple of jackets to protect us from the elements.

Tanglewood was terrific, as usual, but very few people turned out for Friday evening's concert.

I blame it all on Al Gore's global warming. Not content to invent the Internet so child molesters could more easily find victims, he had to go and invent global warming, which caused the Berkshires to lose their sunny charm. All the motels had vacancy signs.

Innkeepers of Massachusetts, unite! Put a stop to this international menace, and foil his knavish tricks.

If someone doesn't take action, what catastrophe will happen next? I hate to even think about it.

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