Saturday, June 03, 2006

Me and a guy named Wayne, I think, back in the 20th century

I'm having great fun scanning my old pictures. I had lots of pictures, from dances, etc, but can't find most of them. I had a nasty habit with these pictures. If I got fed up with the guy, I would cut his head out of the picture. I would put the severed head in a junk drawer and keep the picture. Apparently I wasn't mad at this guy, whose name I believe was Wayne. I think.

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Old boyfriends are hell. I went to a wedding once, and ran into someone I had briefly dated. He was wearing a hearing aid! Of course, he was much older than me.

When I said hello to him, he didn't recognize me. He asked me if he had had an affair with me! I told him that he would damn well remember me if he had had an affair with me.

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