Saturday, April 08, 2006

Winners get to write history


A lot has been made out of how our ancesters took this land. Manipulating American guilt has gotten a lot of people a lot of advantages.

My answer to that is simple. Every civilization has been formed from warfare. The Native Americans fought among themselves (Canada, Mexico and USA areas). European, African, South American and Asian states were formed the same way. Whoever wins gets the prize and gets to write the history. That’s the way of the world and always has been.

Except where the Israelis are concerned. They are expected to be reviled as bloodthirsty aggressors for defending their own country. The territory they won must be given back.

As for the American Indians: the fiction that the land they occupy is some kind of sovereign territory and that they have the right to blight some of the prettiest areas with casinos and all the crime, disorder, and undesirable visitors that accompany them is disgusting. All the agencies which are designed to help or hinder the Indians should be abolished. They are U S citizens and nothing more, a status envied by people all over the world. Let them take care of transmitting their own culture as Greek-Americans, Irish-Americans, and countless others do, and lay off the guilt. And the gambling. And the cigarette sales.

I refuse to feel guilty about the massacre of Indians, slavery, Japanese internment, or anything else I personally did not do. I've got enough sins of my own to be responsible about. Collective guilt is bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the old arguement that it happened a long time ago so it does'nt matter. I'll take all the material benefits for the Voilent conquest, slaughter, and subjugation on a section of humanity by my ancestors(who thought themselves superior)to darker races.

History has a big lesson to teach us. If you disposses nations and poeples of their lands and natural resouces through voilence (becuase you are better armed and and feel a sence of justified superiority). They decendents at some point in time exact retribution on your decendants. And if they don't have and army or weopons to do it. A plane will do.

This is what a lot of histry denyers fail to understand.

Anonymous said...

First Nation Peoples Say:

If you refuse to feel for gulty or recognise the massacre of the native american (in my mind the real americans), the enslavement and crimenalisation of the african american etc... Then european americans should stop crying about 911. That sounds really harsh (But that what I gleen from your arguement). You see, you can't have it both ways. If its OK to dish out death to other poeple, then you should not cry foul play, when they reply in kind. The age of western european imperialism is coming to end. The natives now fight back.
Not with bow and arrow.

Anonymous said...

USA (a puffed up paper tiger) your time is up.

It funny how you are afraid to fight Russia over Geogia, yet were quick to defend kuwait from an invading neighbour in desert storm(so much for defending democracy or it is Oil)

Make way for the real TIGER.

China is the super power now.

Kungfu Panda

Anonymous said...

Miriam I disagree with your statement. The Germans have been made to feel a collective guilt for the holocuast. The german government has to some extent been force to pay compensation. You comment like a German saying, "Holocuast so what,". America is quick to point out the crimes committed by other nations while pretending it has committed none. Now nation is also guilty genocide on its indiginous poeple.

Pretend otherwise is lying to yourself.

The USA was built the murder of the indian to aquire their lands and the enslavement of the negro (on racist ideas) for some 400 years to work that land for the enrichment of whites.

Hence, in america to this day the decendant of the dispossessed and enslaved are the poorest, an disenfranchised member's of American soceity, and still suffer because of it.

I'm sure you would not be making such statements if you were on the receiving end of such crimes.

Imagine if the US government had to pay compensation to these crime as were Germany. USA corp will be bankcrupt.

miriam said...

The Indians were by no means guilt free. They destroyed whole villages and terrorized their inhabitants in the colonial period. They were treated shabbily, at times, but who wasn't? Study the history of the Irish, the Jews, even the Swedes, in America.

I am also sure that no German living today bears any guilt for the Holocaust. That guilt, too, should be laid to rest.

By the way, spellcheck is very handy for those who can't spell. Just a suggestion.