Friday, April 07, 2006

Men don't understand the shoe thing

according to Jack.

I come from a long line of shoe fanatics. My mother didn't seem to care what she wore from the knees up, but she was inordinately vain about her slim ankles and small feet. One night when my parents had company I took out her 22 pairs of shoes and lined them up in the upstairs hall and played shoe store. I particularly loved tht she had purple shoes! Oh the beauty of it! So you see I was doomed from the start.

As a young woman I wore high heels when walking to and from the subway in New York in the snow. At the end of each day I staggered into my apartment and left the shoes by the door.

One thing about buying shoes: if you have gained a few pounds and can't fit into any of the clothes on the racks, you can always find a pair of shoes that fit. I have two closets filled with shoes. By now I no longer wear them, I just collect them, as some people collect paperweights. If people can collect barbed wire and insulators, I can collect shoes with a clear conscience. Sometimes I even wear them, which you can't do with paperweights, barbed wire or insulators.

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