Thursday, January 05, 2006

Does the mustard go on the meat...

or on the bread? My husband insists that you should apply mustard (or mayonnaise, or ketchup) to the meat in a sandwich. Never, never spread it on the bread. It doesn't taste right that way, according to him. It's okay to open a sandwich, put mustard on the meat, and then slap the bread directly on top. That tastes okay.

Also, the door to his (and my) bedroom must be closed at all times. Even if there is no-one else in the house but me and him. Even if there's no-one in the house but him.

Furthermore, you cannot open a window near his head as it causes him to get an earache. And shouting out of an open window to someone in the street simply isn't done by civilized people.

Luckily, I long since stopped paying attention to any of this, but our children think it is beyond weird. Especially the mustard.

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