Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm back from Puerto Rico

Beautiful weather! San Juan is like Fort Lauderdale, only hillier.

I went to a big shopping mall. It wa just like any mall in New jersey--crowded with people who didn't speak English. But these people had an excuse. They were Puerto Ricans. I Puerto Rico.

The service in the hotel was not perfect--they forgot milk for your coffee, ketchup...or whatever. But they were willing and friendly. They were especially nice to my four-year-old grandson and to children and babies generally. Kind, really. That makes up for a lot. I can always get my own milk.

Another thing: judging by the visual evidence, it is not a sin in Puerto Rico for a woman not to be a living skeleton. Even fat people wore sexy clothing and were smiling and seemed to be having a good time. Most of the women had busts and bottoms, and some of them were gorgeous.

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