Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm back from New Jersey, God's country

Driving back from Nj is incredibly boring. From Exit 8 of the Turnpike to the end there is nothing but monotonous, humdrum landscape. I'm not talking oil refineries here. They are comparatively interesting. No, no, this is scenery designed to calm the mind of the most crazed motorist and lull him to sleep. Not that it works, they are still crazy.

Flat landscape. Trees. When Joyce Kilmer (from NJ, mind you) said he had never seen a poem as lovely as a tree, he was blowing smoke. I have seen Burmas-Shave signs way better looking then these trees. These trees have no distinguishing characteristics. They don't have cones, or flowers, or apples, or colorful leaves. They just stand there, looking average. Behind the trees you can occasionally see a really boring field, or a nondescript farmhouse or barn. Graffiti are more interesting than this landscape.

And it goes on for hours. Just you, the crazy drivers, and the trees.

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