Thursday, November 03, 2005

Needed: more ethnic slurs (food related)

This quote from Michelle Malkin: sets Laurence Simon on fire with jealousy:

This is how left's political discourse has sunk: I'm a banana and a coconut and a whore and worse. Michael Steele is an Uncle Tom and a Sambo.

And don't forget terms like Oreo, Ho-Ho, Ding-Dong, Twinkie, and pretty much everything else in the Hostess line of snack foods.

But what about Jewish conservatives? I mean, there's the term "neocon" that's thrown around, but the moment it's mentioned you get ten thousand retractions and statements saying how they didn't mean "Jew" when they said "neocon," their best friend is a Jew, they married a Jew, they love Woody Allen films, and so on.

We need a food-based slur.

May I suggest blueberry bagel?

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