Friday, November 04, 2005

Nailing Joseph Wilson

This is perfect:

Maybe a Times investigation would have prompted the following hypothetical identification of Mr. Wilson, author of the guest op-ed:

Joseph C. Wilson IV, the former Ambassador to Gabon, is a Kerry adviser. Mr. Wilson is married to a CIA officer engaged in a dispute with the White House and his story has been changing over the past few months, but here is his latest version.

That would have made for honest, but possibly low-impact, journalism.

Can anyone tell me what the hell the whole thing is about? It is as baffling as the Schlesweg-Holstein question, of which The British Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, famously said that only three people had ever known the answer, and of these, the first, Prince Albert, was dead; the second, a Foreign Office official, was mad; and the third and last, he himself, had known the answer but had now forgotten it.

The most amazing thing to me is that Ms. Plame recommended sending her husband to Niger as casually as she would have sent him out for a ham on rye (no pickles, please). And the feared and dreaded CIA sent him!

Hello! Is anyone in charge?

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