Friday, August 19, 2005

Nightstand news

I'm so impressed when bloggers post about What's on My Nightstand: a history of the Peleponnesian War; Sowell's latest; a technical book about nanotechnology, a little volume of verse in the original Macedonian.

My nightstand is so embarassed. If this house were shaken lightly by an earthquake, everything jolted loose would be on my nightstand--oh, wait, it already is.

My nightstand contains, and I'm not kidding, night cream, day cream, wrinkle cream, fade cream (lightens skin), sunless tanning cream (darkens skin); moisturizer that tightens skin, moisturizer than makes skin luminous. In the balm department, we have foot balm and lip balm.

Also, a pill bottle, a prescription that should be filled, the cable bill, and a letter from my Aunt Lil that I've been meaning to answer. A small French phrase book. (I'm not currently in France).

Oh, and a box of tissues. Dental floss, dental floss threaders, battery operated flosser (needs batteries, which I'll get to right after I answer that letter).

What, no books? And me an intellectual, an upholder of literature, a bearer of the torch of enlightenment!

There's no room for books. They are all over the floor.


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