Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The most annoying people--my list

Barbara Streisand--it's not her stupidity, it's her immense self-regard I don't like.

Nancy Grace--another word for ugly.

Greta van Sustern--she's one of the few people who didn't go far enough with the plastic surgery.

Martin Sheen and family. If they have cats and dogs, I'm sure they're annoying too. Well, maybe the parakeet is okay.

Robin Williams--no-one is funny all the time. His time is over.

Clint Eastwood--I'm sorry you're old, Clint, but it's time to stop playing dudes no 25-year-old hottie can resist.

Woody Allen--same as Clint. Plus--his last four films were lousy.

Joseph Wilson--liar, liar, pants on fire.

All the op-ed columnists who write for the New York Times. Special kudos for Krugman, but Maureen Dowd the kittenish gives him serious competition.

Geraldo Rivera, for obvious reasons.

Mick Jagger, another who seriously needs to get over himself.


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