Friday, August 09, 2019

Life for the working classes is not nasty, brutish, or short anymore.

I have been hosting airbnb lately,  which has given me the opportunity to meet lots of young men in the building trades.   They are not poor.  Unless $50 an hour with time and a half for overtime and double on Sunday is poverty.

  These guys are not only not poor, they are not stupid.  They study hard to qualify as journeymen--for electricians, it's a four year apprenticeship and the training is rigorous.  Those I have met are nice, polite young men who make their beds and bring in the garbage cans and offer to help me if they think I need help doing something.  They are respectful and polite.

  A college degree is no longer a golden ticket for young people.  Taking courses in diversity and inclusion will get you nowhere, and they are an insult to the liberal arts.   Spending hours in a classroom listening to some gasbag rave about the injustice of everything is tedious and a waste of time.

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