Friday, May 04, 2018

To my readers, and maybe to myself

I know very few people read this stuff, but that's okay.  I write these blog posts as a discipline, and to reveal my real feelings.  For all practical purposes it's almost anonymous, which means freedom for me.

  I have a Facebook page, but I use it to display my artwork and post photographs.  Sometimes I mention Memorial Day or something, or talk about my relatives.  The only reason I don't post cat pictures is that I don't have a cat.  Mention my political views?  Not on your life.

  Back in the day, my stepmother was notorious enough to be on a file of Communist sympathizers. And that was before the Internet.

 I am nostalgic for the old days when bloggers with interesting or amusing ideas used to post a lot.  those days are gone.  Now they post amusing things on Twitter, and I am not on Twitter.  That is intentional.


Paul Mitchell said...

I read everything that you write and try to comment every chance I get. My issue is that I mostly read on my phone and I prefer to comment on a real keyboard.

I miss reading the blogs that I discovered early on, but most have gone dark. Three of my favorite bloggers have passed away, too.

Even though I don't comment on every post, please know that I enjoy reading and keeping up with you.

Anonymous said...

Me too!
a) nostalgic of the good old times
b) no Twitter, intentionally (and no FB, same)
c) very few people stop by my blog
d) blogging now more for my own amusement than for any other purpose or audience

Dick Stanley said...

Some of us still post interesting or amusing things, when we can get away from the politics, and do it to focus our thoughts as much as anything else. I enjoy reading you for the same reason.