Thursday, April 12, 2018

What makes activists tick

I can remember protests in the late sixties--we were protesting the Vietnam War then.  Lo and behold, the war ended, not necessarily because  of the protests.  But the protestors thought it was caused by them.  By God, it felt good.

  The cessation of the war made people hungry for more..  It was like a drug,  It gave them a sense of control.   People missed the excitement, the crowds, the festive air, the fresh air.  So everybody started protesting something, or everything, or nothing.

  The environment was the next Good Thing.  And, boy, did everybody crumble.  Nobody stood up for pollution.  It was a heady success.  We were reminded of that success every time we went to the store and nobody gave us a plastic bag.

  Lately, there has been some pushback, but the protesters chose their targets carefully.  If anyone protested the efforts for gun control, you could shut them up by telling them they had the blood of children on their hands.  It turned out, no-one wanted to kill a child.  Of course not!  But some people still wanted to keep their guns, the murderers!   Not that they had killed any children with them, or even any adults; they just refused to give up guns no matter how passionately the protesters argued. 



Dick Stanley said...

Must be awful frustrating. They should have picked an easier target.

Anonymous said...

The "protesters" do not argue. That't where you're wrong.
They scream, screech, shout, attack, beat up and kill (if nobody stand up to them -ask Mr. Scalise).

And Vietnam war did end due to these brainless "protesters". To every rational person deep regret- and to death of millions non-commie Vietnamese, Campuchians and utter devastation of their countries, for years and years.

Dick Stanley said...

Ah, blame the gutless politicians not the protesters for the shameful bug-out.

Anonymous said...

Why ever not? Politicians, by definition, are following the will of the people. Who have the right to express their opinion by free association and petitioning. So they did, and so America left Vietnamese to die under bloody communist regime.

Dick Stanley said...

Politicians often ignore the will of the people. Sometimes for the good of all, sometimes only for themselves. Bugging out of Vietnam didn't help anyone.

ETat said...

It helped J, Kerry, J. Fonda and endless string of lefty public. They built their careers on Vietnamese and American blood, w/ added bonus of appearing all righteous and progressive.