Monday, June 27, 2016

Bellieving six impossible things before breakfast

I am puzzled by the events in Orlando.  Grieved, of course, but puzzled.

Three hundred people were peacefully assembled when 1 (one) lone gunman murdered 49 of them and wounded 50 more. while at the same time chatting in Arabic on his cell phone and no-one did anything?  It's hard to believe.  Nevertheless. res ipsa loquitor.  Or is it ipso?  I got a C in Latin, but you get the idea.

I'm not blaming the victims.  I just cannot believe that 300 disabled Social Security recipients  along with 100 Brownie Girl Scouts couldn't have done something.  Got behind him and kicked him in the ass, for instance.  Jumped him.  Tackled him.  But it happened, so res ipsa whatever. 

Oh yes, and where were the police for three hours?


Dick Stanley said...

The police were "negotiating" for three hours. Protecting their own butts would be more like it. As for the patrons. It was a dark and crowded dance floor. And the gunfire was a surprise. But you're right. Surely they didn't all need to be sheep.

Akaky said...

It's Florida and no one had a gun? Very strange indeed.

miriam sawyer said...

I think it was a "gun-free" zone.