Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Urgent need

In one of P G Wodehouse's Mulliner stories, his nephew, a pale young curate (don't ask) who I believe is called Cyril, tries a tonic called Buck-U-Uppo, with astonishing results. Cyril faces down the bishop, rescues someone from a tree, and gets the girl he loves.
It turns out that Buck-U-Uppo is a nostrum for elephants, which makes them less reluctant to face tigers. Apparently many elephants, when faced with tigers, turn tail and run.
God bless P G Wodehouse, whose novels and stories made my adolescence bearable--but just barely--and brought joy to many readers, past and present.
But to return to the topic at hand, I am in urgent need of some Buck-U-Uppo, and I can't seem to get it through Amazon. Does anyone know of another source?


Dick Stanley said...

I believe the FDA has a word for that: Nostrums. They're illegal. One of the few things government ever did right.

miriam said...

I personally believe Buvck-U-Uppo would do me a world of good.

If I could find some, that is.