Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My weekend car adventures

The reason I bought my first new car in a lifetime of used cars was to stop having adventures like this one. However, this tactic was not completely successful. It turns out I needed four (one was unofficial, so let's call it three)visits from AAA because the damn thing would start only intermittently. This is more frustrating than having a car that just plain won't start, because Hope keeps lifting its ugly head, as in politics. All this frustrating activity started over the weekend while the dealership was closed.
The last AAA guy came with a tow truck and dropped me and the car at the Nissan dealer. I went in and explained what was going on. The service manager looked at me, not with real courtesy and not with feigned courtesy but with total lack of interest and then suggested that maybe the battery in the key fob was not working properly and dumped me at the parts department.
The parts department guy replaced the battery in both of my key fobs. Cost: $6.00 each, for a total of $12.00.
And yes, that solved the problem, although I used up my annual three visits from AAA. On a rotten key fob.

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Dick Stanley said...

Could be a dealership problem, too. My wife's Nissan dealer is a champ at maintenance, and courtesy. So is my Honda dealer. And we still buy used cars---only from the dealer.