Tuesday, June 03, 2014


I ran out of half and half for my coffee several months ago. I decided to replace it with light cream. Then I decided to replace it with heavy cream. I decided to eat all the eggs I wanted, and to use butter in cooking instead of something healthier. I also started using whole milk and whole milk yogurt. And lots of cheese. I cut back on refined carbs.
It was an experiment, using my body as a test tube. Are the experts right in their belief that a diet like this will kill you, or at least make you fat? Or are the new experts correct in asseerting that the culprit in our diet is unrefined carbs, and that fat is okay, if not good for you.
No-one else wanted to test my hypothesis, so I was a study consisting of one human being. A small sample, perhaps.
Today I had a routine appointment with my doctor. He reviewed my blood work with me, and told me the results were excellent, especially my cholesterol. Everything else was copacetic. I don't understand what half the stuff means: A1C, anyone? but whatever it was was good. However, I did not lose any weight on this diet. I didn't gain any either.


Anonymous said...

"the culprit in our diet is unrefined carbs"
You meant "refined"?
Unless you did mean the opposite - and if that's the latest in Received Wisdom from dieticians I will hop and run to the nearest store and buy myself huge heap of ice cream sandwiches!

Dick Stanley said...

Cut your carb intake to 20 or below for two weeks and you will lose weight, though probably not from the places you'd like to. Twenty or below means no refined flour and no sugar. All the matzo you can stand, however. ;-) Atkins used to say for this diet: if you're hungry, drink water; if you're hungry eat meat; later his successor added salads for folks averse to meat. Cheese is not on the list, however.

miriam said...

Thanks. I don't think I could give up cheese or eggs.

Dick Stanley said...

Eggs are fine, no problem. Lots of lo-carb recipes call for eggs.

miriam said...

Make mine potato salad, potato kugel, whipped potatoes, bagels, and baguettes.

And potatoes. Plenty of potatoes.

Dick Stanley said...

There's your weight-gain.